your southern constellations...

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About Me

My name is Leo! I'm 17 and my pronouns are he/him. This is my super secret personal blog where I mostly try my hand at web development and post about my favorite things. The title of this site comes from the Pierce the Veil song 'Southern Constellations', a song that shares a title with a poem that I wrote. I'm a writer, I've written a play, and I want to be a screenwriter or web dev when I grow up :) My special interest is My Chemical Romance, and my hobbies include drawing and amateur webmastery. My favorite movie is the Batman and my favorite shows are Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. I collect physical media like comics, magazines, DVDs, and old band merch. You can find me on Tumblr at RevengeRomance!

Music I Like

I saw MCR in San Antonio, Texas, on August 21 2022, and I miss it everyday!!! I also love iDKHOW, who I've seen twice, Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, LS Dunes, and solo stuff from the members of MCR. I like to collect CD's and vinyl for the music I love. I want to make music someday :P

About This Site

This site updates regularly! See the update log for a rundown on what you've missed and check back often. Next major update: ?

do you miss me? (action cat) cuz I miss you too! (action cat) the lights we chase (brother) the nights we steal(brother) the things we take to make us feel (brother) get up get out be social! (don't try) we can't pretend (don't try) we won't go (don't try) sweet as battery (millions) man, i got nothing (millions)